Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Blogs!

      I decided to start using tumblr about a month ago. It's a great way for me to organize all of the images I upload to the internet,and to receive feedback on my work from mostly random, uneducated people! I have four tumblr pages total, which are listed below. All of these blogs consist of photos I have taken of people and places in my hometown, Champaign, Illinois! I don't plan to live here forever, so I want to take advantage of what i have now and to create photographs to share my life as a photographer in this city. I will update them all everyday, I do not want to focus on one idea for too long. It will force me to discover and experience new things about photography and this town.

I am a HUGE admirer of fashion photography. The process of bringing together and collaborating with different professionals like makeup artists, hair stylists, clothing designers, photographers, graphic designers, etc to create something that is their idealized image of beauty, brought together, is EXCITING! The images are always strong, dramatic and PERFECT. CornfieldSwag is taking this style of photography, and adding my own perspective to it.

Cornfield Swag is better represented by the mood of the photo rather than the clothing represented, its about finding hidden beauty in unexpected places in nature.

If you've been to Central Illinois, you've probably noticed one of the THOUSANDS of farms surrounding every town EVER. There are so many farms in the area, and each one has its own history, its own story. I want to go out of my way to explore these places, and share the stories. Be a total creeper and annoy people until I find someone who actually wants to talk to me. There is always something to discover, always more than meets the eye! ALWAYS.

Observations of plants, landscapes, and other life on Central Illinois farms. I think this stuff looks super cool. Hopefully you will too!

I consider these locations all one big city because they are right next to each other. It amazes me how such a small area can have so much diversity! I usually stick to going to the same places I feel comfortable with, and I don't take the time to experience all the good, the bad, and the VERY BAD of this place! I want to make an effort to point out the things I see and force people to notice the unordinary through my images.