Thursday, January 26, 2012

Model Spotlight: Jill Schultz

       Hailing from Gibson City Illinois, This small town girl has always loved being in front of a camera! Jill Schultz does it all, whether it be acting, modeling, singing, or playing music, there's no doubt in the amount of talent this girl possesses.

       Last summer, Jill decided to move to New York City to pursue a career in the fashion industry. She worked for fashion photographer, Michael William Paul as one of his assistants. There, she was able to experience all the behind-the-scenes work of some of the fashion industry's top representatives. By the end of the summer, she realized that working in this industry was not for her. Jill is now pursuing a career in acting. She recently signed with Rock Agency, a talent agency in Madison, Wisconsin. Through this agency, she plans on finding work modeling, acting and singing.

For those who are aspiring to become models, Jill gives some advice for what it takes to get started!
       Young models should start with doing test shoots, by finding recognized photographers and paying them to take their photos to start a portfolio. The goal is to get signed by an agency and what these agencies are looking for is versatility in the models looks and photographs. They want a bunch of different looks, not just fashion shots. They want to see some commercial and fitness shots in there as well. Once you have this, you send them into different agencies all over the country, which you can even do online. You don't have to be from the same city your agency is in. It's very important to read through your contracts and make sure to bring a parent because when getting signed, a lot of information is thrown at you at once. If an agent makes you pay to have them as an agent they are not legit. They should only get commission off of the work you do.

       I was also fortunate enough to take some photos of Jill in a random field about a mile south of my house. I love the way she is able to easily channel different emotions and express them so dramatically. Each photo she takes just shines with passion and life. Below are a few of my favorites!

Canon 7D 50mm F1.8
Model & Styling - Jill Schultz

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