Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Behind the Scenes! Cody Cameron Photoshoot

       About a week ago, I got the chance to take pictures of this super awesome cool girl, named Cody Cameron! I want to point out that Cody is someone who really inspires me. She is a smart and talented person who is brave enough to do whatever it takes to follow her dreams. Not many people I know could drop everything and drive 2,000+ miles to LA and start a new life with no home or plan AND be as successful at it! Bitch got balls. ANYWAYZ we talked about doing a photoshoot for a couple months, and since she was in town, we finally did it! I knew there was a barn two miles south of my house that had this really old punching bag in it. After seeing it, I imagined the person who would use this bag, back in the day, and thought it would be really neat to recreate that scene in a photo! (With a cuter person) :P

       My friend Myles Beeson also came along and brought his super awesome lights and equipment to make the shoot 34752390750927352235 times easier and more fun! We had three 600w constant lights, one with a lightbox and one with a barn-door. 

       Below are some photos that I took to kind of show how this stuff is done! Check out the rest of the photos here! If you want to see more work by Cody, click here!!! more work by Myles heeeeere! Thanks!

Cody being cold!
Miles working his magic
Cody and Myles texting LOL :)
Cody being cold again
Cody and Myles reviewing photoz!

Photos by Kyle Dunn

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